Q1 2024 Gaming Industry Report Released,
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We are dedicated to partnering with and supporting founders at the earliest stages.

"Konvoy has been a secret weapon for us. Not only is their team’s support always on call and readily available, we get to be part of a great community of other founders and companies. They are engaged investors, and I would recommend them to be on anyone's cap table or board."


Rocket Science

“Konvoy has always gone above and beyond to assist us whenever we needed. They are also proactive and have their finger on the pulse of the gaming industry giving valuable insights in our board discussions.”


Sky Mavis

"Konvoy's platform makes everything easier - from accessing top-notch service providers to finding great talent and boosting our branding efforts. Plus, their monthly professional development sessions are pure gold. They've become a true go-to resource for us."



"It has been amazing working with the Konvoy team. Their advice is thoughtful, and I appreciate their ability to balance founder autonomy with supportive guidance."


Ready Player Me

“The Konvoy team are fantastic and we’re so glad they're part of Pok Pok. They’ve done exactly what they said they were going to do from the beginning—support us unconditionally. Their team truly goes above and beyond to ensure we’re set up for success. They've played a crucial role in our growth, adding value consistently over the several years we’ve worked together.”


Pok Pok

“Konvoy's team is an integral part of Gamefam's growth strategy. They support us with industry-level insights, introductions and the type of general management guidance that comes from years of successful P&L management across multiple gaming orgs. Their collaboration style is a ten-out-of-ten and their investment, both financially and operationally, is a meaningful value addition to our company.”



“Konvoy has been key in our growth and success; they understand what our challenges are, and understand that our success is their success. From providing feedback on solving challenges within our company, to using their network in order to get feedback, tips and leads, they are as much part of the team as they are investors.”