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Our Investment in Cognitive3D

Objective and quantitative insights into 3D digital experiences

Over the last 50 years, the gaming industry has come a long way from simple 2D experiences (Pong, The Oregon Trail) to highly realistic large-scale virtual environments (Skyrim, GTA V, Fortnite). However, the analytics offerings available to developers have continued to focus on game-agnostic data points such as retention, session times, and average revenue per user. Digital analytics for web (clicks, typing, page visits, bounce rate, time on page) and mobile (touches, taps, slides, camera usage) have historically focused on metrics that are instantly captured by simple user inputs.

These metrics don’t fully reflect the nuances of modern digital entertainment and fail to provide complete context for how a user is actually interacting with a game. Cognitive3D is preparing for a more complex future where VR, AR, and immersive 3D experiences will unlock a deeper understanding of users and how they engage with content. This is done through an engine-agnostic tool that enables data collection on activities such as eye focus, head movement, 3D positioning, hand movements, biometrics, and more.

Through this data, Cognitive3D creates intuitive dashboards and 3D scene explorers that collectively provide context for where users are spending time, how they are engaging with objects (or other players), why they are exiting a game, where certain technical or performance setbacks may occur, and numerous other outputs.

When we first met Tony Bevilacqua, CEO of Cognitive3D, he was already more than five years into building this technology. While the intention was always to have a core presence in the gaming market, the opportunity within XR (extended reality, AR +VR) was still too nascent at the time of founding. The company strategically chose to focus on more immediate needs through applications such as virtual training and academic research, which enabled them to continue improving the product suite. As the XR gaming market matures and the company’s offering continues to become more applicable to traditional game experiences on any platform, we believe Cognitive3D will be transformative in providing developers with highly accurate real-time feedback on their players.

Our team at Konvoy is excited to back Tony and the rest of his extremely talented team through a $2.5m Seed round alongside Space Capital and Boost VC. Since being founded in 2015, the company’s deep commitment to providing world-class spatial analytics has become evident. The entire team’s clear alignment of passion and technical capabilities positions them well to provide powerful yet intuitive tools that unlock objective and quantitative insights into 3D digital experiences.

We’re thrilled to be part of this journey.

Our Investment in Cognitive3D

Objective and quantitative insights into 3D digital experiences

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