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Why We Invested in k-ID

Our investment in k-ID

As digital environments increasingly become a vital platform for the younger generation, the challenge of cultivating secure online experiences has never been more crucial. This evolving scenario has presented unique complexities for parents and developers alike, driven by ever-changing regulatory demands and the importance of safeguarding children’s online experiences. The intricate balance between accessibility and protection and a lack of effective tools to mitigate the significant risks have led some developers to disable access, ignore the problem, or try to get by with simple age gates for younger audiences on their platforms.

Almost a quarter of all gamers are under the age of 18. Each year, we see an increasing number of children interacting with games and applications. As regulations continue to evolve and more concern around how data is being used, especially for kids and minors, there needs to be a solution that gives kids and parents confidence that they are safe and publishers a seamless solution to navigate the vastly different regulatory standards in every country. 

This landscape has paved the way for an innovative solution, k-ID, which is designed to empower developers to build for kids confidently while offering parents peace of mind by knowing their children are engaging safely with various games and applications.

k-ID has built a platform that helps create a safer online environment for kids and parents while also de-risking developers' and publishers’ applications. 

  • For developers: k-ID has built an ingeniously designed compliance solution that was built from the ground up with the benefit of insights from regulators, former regulators, current and former lawmakers, multinational entities, and more. The tool meticulously monitors legal obligations across 200+ markets, ensuring seamless integration into games, platforms, and player account systems. This integration supports developers in delivering a safe and compliant product tailored to specific user demographics.
  • For parents: k-ID’s family platform is a one-of-a-kind product, offering unprecedented visibility and ways to manage the content accessible to their children. The platform enables comprehensive management capabilities, from overseeing consent and spend management to regulating social interactions. This flexibility ensures a safer and more controlled environment for young players and peace of mind for parents and guardians.

Our team at Konvoy is thrilled to support Kieran Donovan, Julian Corbett, Jeff Wu, Timothy Ma, and the rest of the k-ID team by leading k-ID’s Seed round alongside a16z and Tirta Ventures. This round, combined with k-ID’s pre-seed round, brings the company’s total funding to $5.4m. 

We are excited to be part of this incredible journey.

Why We Invested in k-ID

Our investment in k-ID

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