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Konvoy Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm focused on the video gaming industry. We invest in infrastructure technology, tools, and platforms.

Industry Landscape: Video Gaming & Esports (9.10.2020)

Konvoy Ventures

Today, we are updating the Konvoy industry infographic for the video gaming and esports space. As the industry continues to evolve, we will continue to make periodic changes to this infographic. You can download the high-resolution image here.

In this edition, we specifically wanted to break out the technology sector even further to highlight companies that didn’t fit in more generalist subsections. Those 3 new categories are:

1) Backend Services
2) Education
3) User Acquisition


Backend Services

There are a plethora of backend services that support the creation, support, marketing, and on-going efforts of game development. These services are often provided by third-parties. This cohort is certainly worth highlighting in this edition of the infographic.


Video game technology is well-positioned to facilitate learning. Teachers and students can create engaging content that offers students an environment they’re familiar with. In a world that at some level will most likely have distance learning procedures, gaming offers an optimal solution and there are amazing founders leveraging video game technology in gaming edtech.

User Acquisition

This is a category we previously included in the Data and Analytics bucket, but when user acquisition for games is a +$20B industry by itself, it’s hard to justify it not being its own category.

The Ecosystem’s Infrastructure

The industry landscape for video gaming and esports is vast and it can be easy to overlook the plethora of technologies, companies, and individuals who help make all of this possible (especially in the background).

Today, there are many technologies & service providers who are providing the infrastructure, “picks & shovels”, and utilities that will take the esports & video gaming industry to the next stage of growth.

Konvoy’s investment focus: “picks & shovels”

Here at Konvoy Ventures, we are focusing our investing efforts primarily on those “picks & shovels” who are building the infrastructure for the next chapter of video gaming and esports. Alongside the community as well as the game creators, these companies are helping to shape the ecosystem today and where we’re headed tomorrow.

We looked at the ways audiences are monetized, games are built, how the professional scene is developing, how data is being used, and more. The companies listed above are not only facilitating but also benefiting at varying levels (revenue, raising capital, or both) from this industry’s growth.

Note: This infographic is certainly not an all-inclusive list, and many companies are not listed (often unintentionally), but we believe this gives a relatively fair overview of the industry today. Also, the order in which the logos appear in each section is done at random.

Thanks everyone!