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Our Investment in Haste

Optimizing Internet Connection For Gamers

We are excited to announce our investment into Atlanta-based Haste. Haste enables gamers to reduce their lag during online play.  Internet performance can often be inconsistent, and Haste works to optimize network paths between the end-user’s PC and the game server. Gaming for a long time has pushed the boundaries of connectivity and Haste is helping networks deliver information faster.

Haste has partnered with Ericsson to offer superior performance packages to gamers globally through local internet service providers (ISPs). Users can opt-in for a Haste gaming package with their ISP (where it is offered) to lower their packet-loss, latency, and jitter.

How Haste Works: Haste has placed different nodes across the internet to create a "virtual network." This virtual network uses centralized network intelligence to construct end-to-end network paths that connect users to destination game servers. Because Haste "nodes" are placed all over the internet, they get an overarching "view" of available network paths and the performance for each. This helps Haste estimate how well any given path will perform.

This provides an advantage compared to the traditional internet because routers do not have an overarching view of the internet; they receive a packet (data) with an intended address and simply forward it on to the appropriate recipient. This may seem like an architectural flaw, but it's the opposite - the internet needs to operate this way to resist failure. If any one router fails, the rest of the network stays resilient because packets just get forwarded to other routers and another data path is created. Haste is taking advantage of this inherent architectural decision and overriding it for gamers.  

We are proud to partner with Lynn, Taric, and the rest of the team at Haste as they continue to address the pain point of lag in gaming.