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Konvoy Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm focused on the video gaming industry. We invest in infrastructure technology, tools, and platforms.

Our Investment in ByteBrew

An all-in-one mobile analytics platform

Mobile has undeniably become the dominant distribution channel for gaming. What started as a platform for simple single-player games has grown to include massive IP-focused experiences that support a market generating over $100b in revenue per year (more than 50% of the total gaming industry). In the second quarter of 2022, Apple had over 250k available mobile games. The competition is growing and with the added privacy changes (IDFA), targeting and acquiring users is becoming a bigger challenge.

This evolution in the mobile games market has created an entire industry around helping games grow. The tools necessary to understand audiences, expand player bases, and engage them more effectively are vast, and a developer will use different platforms to manage everything across analytics, live ops, monetization, push notifications, attribution, and more. The biggest issue with this landscape isn’t that it’s fragmented, but instead that it’s costly to game developers who are mostly working with extremely thin margins. ByteBrew has built every tool a game developer needs to manage and grow their games in one simple, lightweight SDK and platform.

In the simplest terms, ByteBrew is an all-in-one mobile analytics platform that is focused on helping developers grow their games. The company was built by Kian and Cameron Hozouri, who were previously mobile game developers that saw how much these costs cut into a studio’s bottom line. With ByteBrew, they have put together a suite of tools that developers can use for free to scale their games.

Kian and Cameron's vision for a one-stop solution has resonated with core issues that game developers face today, attracting over 5,000 game developers within the first year of launching. Their platform's ability to serve the needs of game development teams of all sizes ranging from small teams to large publishers sets ByteBrew apart.

ByteBrew’s long-term value proposition to game developers is the ability to build out new solutions to help these teams acquire and monetize users more effectively than they currently can due to recent privacy changes.  

Our team at Konvoy is excited to back Kian and Cameron and lead their $4m Seed round alongside Valhalla Ventures and Node VC.