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Konvoy Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm focused on the video gaming industry. We invest in infrastructure technology, tools, and platforms.

Our Investment in Upcomer

Media Outlet for Video Gaming

In esports, keeping up with the latest news, events, and tournaments is quite challenging. With dozens of top-tier competitive titles, leagues, and esports organizations across the globe, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. I’ve certainly struggled to find the most effective tools/apps/newsletters to help keep track of the competitive scene.

Because of this pain point, we’re very excited to now be an investor in Upcomer.

Upcomer provides a one-stop-shop media outlet for the esports fan that makes it simple to keep up with the competitive gaming scene. Whether it’s esports news, exclusive interviews, up-to-date match schedules, or tournament standings, we believe Upcomer offers the best product in the market today.

With groups like ESPN and theScore in the mix, we think that Upcomer is in a unique position to compete and win in this category. By implementing a social aspect to their platform, esports enthusiasts have a medium to connect and engage with other enthusiasts of the same game titles and esports organizations. There are over 480M esports enthusiasts worldwide. In summary, we’re incredibly bullish on Upcomer’s team, product, and market tailwinds.

Netflix, History Channel, and Video Gaming:

  • History Channel just announced “Game Changers: Inside the Video Game Wars”, a documentary airing soon that captures the great moments of the dawn of the video game industry.
  • Netflix just announced that an animated series based on video game “Magic: The Gathering” (20M+ active players) will be produced with the Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame) serving as executive producers.