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Konvoy Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm focused on the video gaming industry. We invest in infrastructure technology, tools, and platforms.

Konvoy Fund III Announcement

$150m fund to continue investing at the frontier of gaming

We are excited to announce Konvoy Fund III, a $150m venture fund dedicated to platforms and technologies in gaming. With this new fund we will continue to invest in early stage companies at the frontier of gaming.

Since 2018 we have invested in a total of 35 companies across Fund I and Fund II in companies across North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and South East Asia. With Konvoy Fund III we look forward to continuing to back great founders globally.

The Konvoy Team
From Left: Philip, Dani, Taylor, Jason, Jackson, Dhinuka, and Josh

As a team, we would like to thank our limited partners, advisors, families and friends for believing in us and continuing to support us as we build Konvoy. We would also like to thank our founders; the bedrock of our success rests on our portfolio and we are lucky to back such incredible people building in this space. 

Great things ahead. 

~ The Konvoy Team

Konvoy Fund III Announcement

$150m fund to continue investing at the frontier of gaming

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