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Our Investment in Sipher

Redefining What Players Expect From Games

The Konvoy team is excited to announce our investment in Sipher, an innovative blockchain-based game ecosystem. When we first met the Sipher team, we were instantly drawn to their focus on hiqh quality and compelling gameplay that will keep users engaged for years to come. In an environment where many blockchain games are frequently written off as superficial experiences layered on top of a trading platform, Sipher is truly designed to be a “play-and-earn” title.

Gaming is reaching an inflection point as users begin to expect more from their digital assets. The entire community is increasingly realizing that the value a player derives from games is not limited to enjoyment. Engaging content coupled with the potential to earn monetary rewards unlocks a particularly powerful experience. This is creating a paradigm shift in how society thinks about gaming, and Sipher is on the cutting edge.

While more details on the gameplay will be announced over time, we are extremely confident in the player experience loop that the team has created through the PvE and PvP offering. Within the game, all characters, weapons, cosmetics, functional in-game items, resources, and achievements are NFTs. Because of this, users truly do have complete ownership over their entire experience.

Despite the game still being in the pre-launch phase, the vision has already resonated with a sizable audience. An enthusiastic Discord community of over 30k users has been accumulated, and the demonstrated excitement led to the first 10,000 Sipher character NFTs being sold out in less than 15 minutes. The Sipher team has done a fantastic job communicating the vision, and the community is eager to see what comes next.

I summed up the team’s bullishness in the opportunity through our press release: “Gaming is the new social square and is driving the development of global culture. Tin and the whole Sipher team are helping pioneer a new wave within this social arena, one where players are rewarded for their time, performance, and creativity. Gaming has always been home to creators, thinkers, and competitors and it is time that we see games show their communities financial loyalty. There are more than 3 billion people playing games across the globe and less than 0.1% of gamers are experiencing direct profit sharing. Sipher is renegotiating what players should expect from their games and is here to bring joy to their players both through entertainment and financial freedom. The whole Konvoy team is thrilled to be in Sipher’s corner as we build this new era of games.” 

We are excited to co-lead this investment alongside Arrington Capital and Hashed, and to partner with Tin Nguyen and the rest of the incredibly talented team at Sipher as they pioneer the next generation of gaming.

Our Investment in Sipher

Redefining What Players Expect From Games

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