Q1 2023 Gaming Industry Report Released,
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Konvoy Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm focused on the video gaming industry. We invest in infrastructure technology, tools, and platforms.

Konvoy Fund II Announcement

Our $65m fund to continue investing in the future of gaming

We are excited to publicly announce Konvoy Ventures Fund II, a $65m fund dedicated to investing in the frontier of gaming across the globe. We closed the fund earlier in the summer and have been actively allocating out of this fund since the fall of 2020. As of today, the total assets under management here at Konvoy is now over $100m.

Gaming is the new social square and we are committed to backing visionary founders building the future of entertainment. All eyes are on gaming as it is one of the primary drivers in the development of global culture. We have backed 11 operating teams so far out of Fund II: 

  1. Goss
  2. Unannounced
  3. Quicksave
  4. Carry1st
  5. Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity)
  6. Role
  7. Echo3D
  8. Genopets
  9. Unannounced
  10. Unannounced
  11. Sipher

Konvoy, as a firm, has backed a total of 28 gaming companies across Fund I and Fund II and we are thrilled to find our next cohort of companies. All three founders of Konvoy (Jason, Josh, and Jackson) grew up moving across Africa, Latin America, and Asia which instilled a firm belief and conviction that great talent can be found everywhere. We invest globally.

From Left: Dani, Jackson, Taylor, Jason, Philip, and Josh

We are grateful to our limited partners, advisors, friends and families for supporting us in building this firm. None of this could be possible without their support.

Great things ahead.  

~ The Konvoy Team