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Influencer Monetization at Scale

Influencer monetization, Call of Duty franchise

Influencer Monetization

We have been diving into the influencer monetization theme for several months now and have looked through quite a few deals in this vertical. Building a platform that is programmatic (not manual), helps the "medium influencer" (not just the top 100), and gives brands access at scale to dedicated audiences is what we have been looking for.

In that search, we came across the team at Opera Event and have invested alongside some fantastic investors in this company. We're thrilled to partner with this team and firmly believe in their approach, product, and path forward.

Call of Duty (5 Franchises)

On the Activision Blizzard Q1 earnings call (which was bleak, to say the least), they officially announced the first 5 Call of Duty franchise spots: Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto, New York, and Paris. Back in March, ESPN said the cost was $25M per spot, yet this may have increased since then.

Personally, I'm much more bullish on Call of Duty vs Overwatch due to CoD being a much more established game with a far better viewership experience.

Influencer Monetization at Scale

Influencer monetization, Call of Duty franchise

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