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Konvoy Ventures is a thesis driven venture capital firm focused on the video gaming industry. We invest in infrastructure technology, tools, and platforms.

Our Investment in Shapeshift

Why Konvoy invested in Shapeshift

Our Investment in Shapeshift Gaming

This week, we announced our investment in Shapeshift Gaming, who have launched In short, this company is indexing streamed content in real-time, allowing them to aggregate data for those streamers to build a real-time streamer search index. We believe that this allows for personlized customization to become the standard across streaming viewership experiences.

What is

  1. Streamer Discovery
  2. ​Engaging Content at any time is analyzing hundreds of the top streamers (soon thousands) across multiple titles, while simultaneously allowing users to view them on a dashboard that they can either manually choose or allow the algorithm to choose for them. This is not possible on any other platform and will benefit not only users, but also streamers that don’t get the same popularity as the top streamers.

Similar to what NFL Red Zone offers, gives users a dashboard that shows where all of the streamers being tracked are at in their games (i.e. top 10 alive). While the metrics vary across titles, when combined, they offer the user a clear picture of which streams are approaching the most engaging aspects of the stream. This feature feeds directly into the 1st point above: Streamer Discovery. Users are directed towards the most engaging content, which may or may not be from the most popular streamers at any given moment. This allows for viewers to easily discover new streamers.

Engaging Content

The other problem solves is the lack of engaging content. Streaming seems super exciting all the time when you see clips on social media of amazing plays but in reality that is such a small portion of the stream. keeps you updated on when engaging content is coming up in other streams. This saves the user time so they don't have to aimlessly search through streams for what's the most action-packed. This model has been proven by the success of NFL Red Zone. Imagine knowing a streamer has 15 eliminations with 30 people left in Fortnite or another streamer is sporting a 5.00 KDA in League of Legends halfway through the match. This is impossible with the current streaming platforms, yet made possible through Shapeshift Gaming's work.

We’ve been getting to know Eyal and the Shapeshift team over the past few months and have been incredibly impressed. They are a group of gamers, developers, and product experts with a real understanding of the industry and a vision for where they can take this. The whole Konvoy team is excited to partner with Shapeshift as they disrupt the streaming landscape.

Twitch spawned an entirely new form of digital entertainment by allowing for mass viewership of real-time streamed content. Over the past decade, they have validated the interest and business viability of watching other people play video games. This has been a huge step forward for the gaming and esports community, yet now we're entering generation 2.0 of streaming with products like